24 hour music jam fundraising for victims of war in Syria

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JAM24 is a sponsored 24 hour music jam with some top musicians from Scotland in order to raise funds, this year for HandinHand for Syria, a charity delivering a wide range of aid and development to those who need it most, directly into Syria.

Hand in Hand for Syria

The conflict in Syria has entered its 4th year with no political resolution in sight. The UN, reporting in July 2015, stated that there are 12.2 million people in need across Syria including 5.6 million children.

There are 7.6 million IDPs (Internally  Displaced Persons) in over  220,000 IDP settlements and the required aid is $ 2.9 Billion and only 9% has been covered with 4 million refugees in neighbouring countries.

Over 230,000 deaths documented March 2011–June 2015, including over 108,000civilians, more than 11,000 of them children (SOHR, 06/2015). In the  first six months of 2015, 11,000 people were killed (SNHR, 01/07/2015).

The humanitarian needs in the crisis is overwhelming available resources. Access to all types of aid continues to decrease as a direct result of active conflict, ever-changing front lines, and lack of security for humanitarian actors working to provide aid.

25% of hospitals are not functioning, and 32% of hospitals are only partially functioning, due to shortage of staff, equipment, supplies, or damaged infrastructure (UNICEF, 31/07/2015).

64% of hospitals have been affected and 40% are completely out of service (during the month of May 15, 6 hospitals has been targeted and out of service).

Health services in Aleppo, Dar’a, Homs, Hama, Idleb and Al-Hasakeh governorates have been the most affected by conflict (UNICEF, 31/07/2015).

The number of available health professionals has fallen to approximately 45% of 2011 levels (WHO, 27/03/2015). Local production of medicines has fallen by 70% and many lifesaving treatments are not available (WHO, 27/03/2015).

The Jam24 Event

24 hours of music in aid of victims of war in Syria

14th August 2015, Tpot Studios, Fife

On 14th August 2015, Tpot Studios (PH2 9DN) will be hosting some top UK artists in a genre defying 24 hour journey of musical sharing to spark JAM24 into action. Through music we can become more than the sum of our parts, sharing our blessings and the web of love around the globe, channeling this to the places that need it most.

Tpot Studio

This event will be recorded, filmed and then broadcast online throughout the year, aiming towards an annual event. We are keen to include and encourage musicians worldwide to initiate their own sponsored JAM24 in their venue, rehearsal space, recording studio, or school. Naturally people will feel closer to certain causes and/or issues. However, our long term goal is to bring people together to use the power of Music to protect us all from corporate ecocide and sociocide and promote peace, ecological and social responsibility and empowerment.

Current line-up to include members from: Shooglenifty, Awry, Forgotten Works, Sink and Jemima Thewes and the Fuse, along with Mo Evans, Callum Easter, Emerald Rae, Elizabett Roussou, Anouk de Groot, Asazi, Jem LeLievre, Rona Cooper, Mairi Campbell, Atzi Muramatsu, Pete Furness, Philip Cardwell and Richard Worth. More TBC.

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We will add images and videos after the event.

More details and images of Hand to Hand for Syria’s work can be found on their Facebook page.

Hand in Hand for Syria بيد لنبني سوريا
Tpot Studio
The JAM24 event


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